Support the Horse Rangers

The Horse Rangers Association is a non-profit organisation that specialises in bringing horses and children together. It is a registered charity that receives no grants from central government.

Riding classes for children and adults with special needs are provided four days a week during term times, and on weekends the programme is opened up to children, ages eight and above, who want to learn about horses.

Over 350 children and young people attend the Horse Rangers each week. The annual cost of our programme is around £450,000.

It costs the charity over £80,000 a year to sustain its Special Needs Section programmes.

Fundraising and donations help to keep our horses and ponies happy as well as helping to ensure that we give a quality learning experience to both our special needs classes and our youth riding programmes.

In addition, we are reliant on support from a large number of dedicated volunteers who help run our sessions and provide instruction and training. Anyone who helps for a single session a week is greatly appreciated.

If you think that you might be able to help us, please follow these links:

To learn more about donating to us, click here!

To learn more about volunteering with us, click here!

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