Squadron 7.

Squadron 7 was Launched in April 2012, with the aim to providing physical, educational, emotional and social benefits for children aged 7-12 with mild/moderate disabilities, by teaching them how to ride and look after horses.  Squadron 7 takes place on Wednesday evenings.  As with Squadron 4, the Rangers ride out in Bushy Park over the summer months and during the winter lessons take place in the outdoor manege at the Mews.

Like most other RDA groups, Squadron 7 provides specialised riding opportunities, with the support of volunteers to ensure children with special needs can take part safely and get the most out of the riding sessions.
Like the rest of the Horse Rangers Association, children join as permanent members and are expected to attend throughout the year. Over the course of their time here, the Rangers will earn badges to mark their achievements in riding and stable management. Our riders need varying degrees of support to learn what is required and to work towards badges.
This project is not just about learning to ride; learning about the responsibility of caring for horses is just as important. Our riders learn about grooming and caring for horses and ponies, but again need lots of support from volunteers to do this.
We run a tuck shop, which is staffed by parents as well as our own volunteers. This gives children a valuable social opportunity, so they can learn skills like using money in a shop, which will transfer to their everyday lives.

Squadron 7 Rangers wear a slightly different uniform to Squadrons 1-5 in that they wear polo shirts instead of the more formal shirts that the other Rangers ride in. 

A number of Rangers from the senior squadrons like to volunteer with Squadron 7.  This can form part of the Volunteering Section for their Duke of Edinburgh's Award.


Squadron 7

Riding times:
6.15pm - 7.45pm


Captain Jo O'Sullivan (I) (RDA GI)


Bettina Boxhall-James (I)


Elle Brunton (JI)
Sue Thompson (JI)

Second Lieutenants

Marcia Hockley (RDA GI)

Adult Volunteers

Juliet Dennis
Sue Joyson
Maggie Newlands
Rachel Venning

RDA Group Instructor (RDA GI)
HRA Instructor (I)
HRA Junior Instructor (JI)