Squadron 2.

Welcome to Number Two Squadron.

My name is David Taylor and I am the Squadron Commandant.

Number Two Squadron meets at 12:15 in the winter and 12:30 in the summer. We have 85 members spread between four Companies (A, B, C and D Companies).  These Companies are grouped in pairs; A Company will ride and muck out with D Company and B Company ride and muck out with C Company.  We are the only Senior Squadron to meet in an afternoon session – no getting out of bed early for us!

Firstly, we have a joint parade with Number One Squadron (who meet on Saturday mornings) where any messages are shared, uniform marks are given and horses are allocated for each ride.  At the same time the senior Rangers (called Non Commissioned Officers or NCO’s) allocate horses for the Rangers to groom and tack up depending on whether it is your riding or mucking out week. 

After parade we get the horses tacked up and ready to leave the yard by 13:30.  The horses go over to the park and are met by the rest of the riders later for their rides.  We use the indoor school regularly to help people improve their riding ability and to complete their badge work.

Meanwhile the other Companies are back at the yard, busy mucking out and participating in lectures and tests for their badge work.  We also go up to the paddocks to check on the horses and put them to bed for the night.

On their return to the yard the horses and ponies are groomed and fed.  Parade is then held at 17:30 where we give out any notices and announce Stars of the Week (Rangers and NCO’s who have done well or worked particularly hard that week).
Our Instructors and Officers have all been Rangers themselves and worked their way up the ranks, through dedication and commitment.  Horse Rangers has influenced many of our Officers and Instructors careers.  We have a very experienced team with two qualified vets in our team and another on the way.   Other officers, through educating young people on a Saturday now have careers in teaching.

For our older members who are working towards the higher level of badges (the Silver and Golden Spur) we run courses before the afternoon session or on another evening to help extend their knowledge and practical skills.  Every Christmas we go Ice Skating at Hampton Court as a Squadron, and then on for dinner.  We try to give each company a bare back lesson on their favourite horse or pony twice a year to thank them for their hard work and help them to improve their balance.

We hope this gives you a better understanding of what happens on a Saturday afternoon.

Squadron 2

Riding times:
Saturdays 12:30 to 17:30


Captain David Taylor (I)


Kirsty Lunn (JI)
Camille Phillips (I)
Sue Thompson (JI)

Second Lieutenants

Laura Da Costa
Charlotte Fraser
Juliet Greenhalgh
Harriet Oakley
Lyzzie Warner

Cadet Officers

Saffron Blevin
Amelia Lear
Celeste Mott
James Prance
Ellie Warner

(CI) - Chief Instructor
(I) - Instructor
(JI) - Junior Instructor