Squadron 1.

My name is Helen Lamb and I am Commandant of Squadron 1.  I joined Horse Rangers at the age of 7, starting in Squadron 5.  When I was 10, I moved up to Squadron 3 and in 2000 I moved across to Squadron 1 to be Commandant.

I love my time at Horse Rangers and really value my team of Officers, without them our Squadron could not function.

I was the leading side drummer in the marching band and took part in numerous New Year Day parades in London, a New Year Day parade in Paris (where we stayed for 4 days), played in the Royal Albert Hall and took part in ''All the Queen''s Horses'' where I camped with other members and 20 of our horses in Frogmore, part of the Home Park at Windsor Castle. My stead was Joshua who has since retired to Speen Farm.

The Squadron

We currently have 77 members.  Companies are grouped together as A&B and C&D.  If A&B ride, C&D muck-out and the following week the roles are reversed.

The morning starts at 7am with one Officer on duty to unlock.  This means opening up all the stables at the Mews, checking over the horses, ensuring they have water, feeding them and giving hay.  Members are encouraged to attend from 7am to assist.  The tacking-up list is then completed and the ride sheet.  Equi-gels and boots are placed on the appropriate horses'' pegs in the tack room and those in early select a horse they want to groom and tack-up.

Whilst these duties are going on, two Officers are assigned to do paddock duties.  This means feeding 10 horses, checking them over, picking-out their feet, changing their rugs in the winter and then letting them out in the appropriate field so that can graze during the day.  We also have to top up the water buckets and poo-pick the fields.  Its not so much fun in the winter when it is dark and cold.  Volunteers from mucking-out companies are requested the previous week for these duties. 

By 8.30am all horses are tacked-up, the paddock people have returned back to the Mews and parade takes place.  Important information from the equitation book is read-out on parade, the attendance book completed, the ride allocated and the mucking-out list finalised.

The first ride leaves the Mews at 9am, normally comprising of NCOs and lasts approximately 60 mins, depending on how many hacks are needed afterwards.  Whist the hacks take place in the park, some Rangers are given riding lessons as practice for their badges and when ready, they are tested.

Meanwhile back at the Mews stables are mucked-out and badge work commences.

At 12 noon the ride returns to HQ and the members from the mucking-out companies put the horses to bed, untack, check them over, groom, pick-out their feet and rug them if necessary.  They are also given hay for lunch.

At 12.30pm we have a joint parade with Number 2 Squadron, before heading home.

Squadron 1

Riding times:
Saturday 8:30 to 12:45


Captain Helen Lamb (I)


Jane Morse (I)
Colyn Thompson (I)

Second Lieutenants

Emily Bottle
Nicky Briggs (JI)
Sally Brockbank
Heather Gardner
Sarah Lout (JI)
Jessica Rayment
Kate Warner (JI)

Adult Volunteers

James Heaney

(CI) - Chief Instructor
(I) - Instructor
(JI) - Junior Instructor