Some of our volunteers

Alistair BlamireAlistair Blamire - Equitation Officer

Alistair joined the Metropolitan Police in 1975, initially spending 2 years on foot duty in Chelsea before training with their Mounted Section at Imber court in 1977. It was during his time at Imber Court that Alistair first became aware of the Horse Rangers as there was already a long standing link between the two organisations.

After 30 years as a Mounted Police Officer, Alistair retired in 2008, however he has continued to be part of the team at Imber Court in his role as Police Staff Horse Trainer and he now runs a small team of staff with responsibility for training the police horses before they enter the operational arena of Central London.

In his role as Equitation Officer for HRA, Alistair works closely with our permanent staff offering support and guidance especially in relation to sourcing and training new horses and helping with the training of our Instructors.

As a Mounted Police Officer, Alistair was for many years part of the acclaimed Metropolitan Police Activity Ride, which has performed at many prestigious events both in the UK and overseas. He continues to be part of the Activity Ride today and now is responsible for the choreography, training the riders and training the horses to jump through fire and a solid paper wall. All this experience is harnessed for our benefit as he is responsible for directing the Horse Rangers’ Musical Ride Display Team. This includes choreographing the routine and training the riders.