Past Events - 2008

Founders dayFounder’s Day Parade - February

This Founder’s Day was particularly special, as we were joined by our Patron Princess Michael of Kent and the Mayor of Richmond for the occasion. Rector Canon Robert Wright treated us to a surprise when he included his dog Chad in the service, which captured the attention of all the animal lovers in the church. Also, for the first time in our history we were given permission to march into Trafalgar Square, then through Admiralty Arch and down The Mall; a great honour.

Rangers on the Radio - March

BBC Radio 4 presenter Barney Harwood visited the Royal Mews to talk to a few of our members about horse books, including some of the classics like Black Beauty. He also listened intently as we told him stories about life at Horse Rangers, and introduced to our own personal ‘Black Beauty’, Blackie. The show broadcasted on the 23rd of March, helping to broaden the public’s knowledge about the association.

Barn DanceBarn Dance - June

The barn dance kicked off with “wild” success which matched its theme perfectly! Sitting on bales of hay and watching the dancing definitely felt like a good example of the Wild West, so much so that you could almost expect a cowboy to make an appearance at any time! Over £570 was raised from the event, and hopefully, it will become an annual event.

Olympia Trip - December

The Special Needs Section attended the Olympia Horse show at Earls Court, and were granted a box big enough for 16 attendees. This year the Household Cavalry performed a musical ride, nearly up to par with The Horse Rangers’ own! Enjoyable events included the Cossaks, but the favourite was undeniably the Shetland Grand National, which evoked quite a lot of enthusiasm for the riders. Later, one of the ponies visited the box, much to the delight of the Squadron.