Colour/Breed: Bay/Gelding

Height: 15.1hh

Date of Birth: 1985

Joined HRA in January 1991

Jack was purchase from the International Warwick School of riding by the Head Girl Hillary. The money being donated by Mrs Helen Greene a volunteer with No.6 Squadron. Jack was a frim favourite with all Horse Rangers. He took part in all aspects of horse rangers

Jack arrived at Horse Rangers in January 1991 and was part of the furniture for 14 years until he retired to The Horse Trust in May 2005 where he spent 6 years happily grazing with his best mate Joshua. He was a great horse for Rangers, worth his weight in gold and really deserved his long retirement. He will be greatly missed at Speen by all the staff and by the Rangers who remember him. Jack was 26 years old.

He retired to the Horse trust in January 2005


Lindsey "Jack, A fantastic bundle of love and cuddles, I still believe we made each other smile on a bad day! xxxxx"

Nicole "R.I.P Jack, I will miss you alot and always remember you xxxxxxx "

Jen "RIP Jack, best horse I ever rode xx"

Jenny "Jack was one of the best. Enjoyed our time together at Windsor Horse Show."

Saffron "RIP Jack - a rangers horse through and through, you did us all proud."

Kirsty "One of the best and True ranger horses x"

Bettina "Great Ranger horse, sleep tight Jack x"