Major Bill

Major Bill

Major Bill

Major Bill


Major Bill

Colour/Breed: Bay/Thoroughbred Cross

Height: 16.2hh

Date of Birth: 1986

Purchased in : 1993

Died: 15 February 2011

Purchased for £2100 in fond memory of Major Bill Reynolds, a senior Officer at Horse Rangers who was sadly killed in a road traffic accident ‘Bill’ /'Billy' is a very well-schooled horse who teaches mainly our older riders. “Although he is big, he is not that clever! He was a little grumpy in the morning."


Lindsey "such a pleasure to of grown up with xxxx"

Tiffany "he's gone to visit Pippin in heaven xxx"

Amanda "Very sad, a great asset to the yard who will be missed."

Ruth "R I P billy had many a happy rides with him, i can,t believe he went on so long he had nine lives.xx"

Theresa "He was the first horse you brought Ruth, many happy memories too.. Very very sad day.. It's going to be strange not seeing him after 18 years of mucking him out everyday.. Love him "

Annelise "A great horse to be remembered."

Saffron I remember riding him when I was in ponies - no one else wanted to ride him, I must have looked like a pea on a mountain!!! He was so loving and always provided a shoulder to cry on him, sad that I didn't do more with him."

Rachel "The sick bay will never be the same, so used to walking in, looking left and seeing Billy xxx"