Full Name: Janton Rhisiart

Colour/Breed: Chestnut Gelding Welsh Cob


Date of Birth: 1980

Rufus was purchased by the Horse Rangers Association on the 8th of June, 1987. Rufus was often ridden by our more experienced riders and has taken part in our musical ride and on many Founder's Day parades

He is now our oldest horses and is very gentle. He is a genuine horse and has always been very good at looking after the younger members. Over the years Rufus has no doubt taught hundreds of children to ride. In 2009 he retired from work. He continues to live at the Mews where he is taken out for a daily walk, often with his friend Cameo and accompanies other horses returning to work after sickness.

At the gymkhana in 2009 Rufus was entered into the turn out section by some of our Squadron 6 members who very much enjoyed the challenge of looking after him.

In 2010 he represented the Ponies Squadron on our annual Founders Day parade and was very proud to take part.

Officers always know if someone has given Rufus a treat to eat as he continues to lick his lips for the next 15 minutes.

On the 14-10-2015 we have had to say goodbye to our oldest horse Rufus. He was the grand age of 35, still looked amazing and was a total legend.

He arrived with us as an 8 year old and has been a dream to look after for the past 27 years. He’s never really been off sick or injured. He led the musical ride for many years and was always up for a good ride in Bushy Park. You could never give him a treat on the sly as he would lick his lips for 10 mins afterwards!!

He has spent the last few years in retirement with us escorting out the horses on rehab, looking after Aries at Liphook and generally relaxing with his mates.

He was showing signs of colic this morning and didn’t pick up through the day so we made the decision to let him go. We were with him till the end and our vet Sarah was amazing. One of the hardest days for us but we should celebrate his life. There was a stunning rainbow at the field tonight and we are sure it was him xx

Amanda: Bye little dude.HRA will never be the same again.Thanks for the memories.

Hannah : Rufus taught me so much, 25 odd years ago....I was delighted when I found out last year that he was still going and looking so amazing, and meeting the queen too! What an incredibly special horse, who has touched so many people, and a testament to the care and colossal love he received at HRA XXX

Gemma : RIP Rufus! He had such character about him. Remember being dragged to the field whilst trying to explain to him we had to wait for Aries! Xx

Sue : Amazing horse!! Always had a soft spot for him!!! True gent!! RIP little man!! X

Sue : That's very sad news indeed bless him and pip back together at last X

Sarah : So gutted about this but happy to have loved this pony for 22 years. The last of my original Horses at the yard. The horse who's name we'd all put down for every race at the gymkhana! Or want to ride in the park. The one I fed sherbet to . And the one that still barged or occasionally dragged us around. Massively upset. What a legend of a horse. xx

Tammy : RIP Rizzy run free over raised rainbow bridge and enjoy the lush green grass again and join pippin and so many more of your mate's in the sky a true one In a million xxx thankyou to all stable staff to looking after him all theses years hugs to you all xxx

Jessie : many fond memories! Winning the intersquadron, his unsubtle ways of hiding the fact he'd been given a treat... Such a happy life for an amazing horse xx

Alex : Totally heartbroken. This horse is such a major part of my childhood and teenage years. From the third week I was a ranger he won me over with his gentlemanly stable manners and cheeky face. My family were soon bored of hearing about him. He helped me ...

Meredydd Rufus you touched many a heart over the years I am so upset to hear of your passing. 1st for turnout a few years ago with you And is still my proudest moment. Sleep tight little guy

Jennie : So sad but what a wonderful horse and a wonderful life he had. Night night Rufus, sleep well, we'll miss you loads.

Hattie : Such sad news, he was my favourite! Such a kind and wonderful boy, I'm so happy he was loved by so many and had a wonderful life! RIP Rufus xxx

Kathryn : RIP BEAUTIFUL you will never be forgotten, you will always be the horse that dribbled all over us in the morning, sleep well

Charlotte Such a special boy and such a lovely post to remember his wonderful life. Sleep tight Rufus x

Saffron RIP Rufus, you had an amazing life at Rangers and I have created so many memories of you, including when you showed you still behaved like a horse 10 years younger than you.

Tiffany : So sad. Riz was such a trooper and loved by all. RIP little man x

Debbie : Rufus was the very last horse I rode on my last day at Horse Rangers. He was an absolute legend, very sweet horse who always gave his best. I'm so lucky that I met him and have so many good memories. Thank you Rufus.

Molly : Rufus will never be forgotten. Well done to Rangers for giving him such a long, healthy, happy life.

Emma : Wow great memories of this very special boy definitely a rangers legend! ! Loved to bits by everyone and will be sadly missed xxxx

Keith : I used to ride him. And I left in 1988!