Breed/Colour: Arab Chestnut Gelding

Height: 14.22hh

Date of Birth: 1986

Died : April 2015

Marmalade was donated by Stephanie Rance. He is a real character and is ridden by our more experienced riders. He doesn�t like to be left on his own and he tends to be a bit of a worrier, which is why he is mostly used by experienced riders. Despite his tendencies to spook, he is friendly and cuddly, and enjoys a good cuddle. He is very well liked, and very much in demand on the weekends.

we have said goodbye to one of our oldest horses 'Marmalade'. He was put to sleep this morning due to old age. He was losing weight so we wanted him to go happy and well before he deteriorated further.

Marmalade was gifted to Rangers in October 1999 aged 13. He was full of character right from the start.. Used to run rings round anyone trying to catch him in the field, loved to shy at nothing when cantering then sod off, hated being on his own, loved Sam and Ascot! We had him 16 years and he was the ripe old age of 29 so we need to remember all the fun times and good stories, feel free to share any below. He had a good few months retired at the yard mooching about with his buddies.

Becky : Won't be the same in the morning letting Sam out without his buddy. RIP little man, we're going to miss you lots.

Sarah : Bestest little ginger ever! Still loved him even after dumping me on the floor at one gymkhana. Pinning me in the corner of his stable with his bum in my face. I'll miss being pushed around for face rubs every week.

Hananh : Favourite horse, always has been and always will be. Was my first fall when he stopped mid-canter to throw his head down for grass. Had some really great times, was a lovely natured horse for anyone that showed him love. Rest in Peace little man, my best friend xxxx

Adele : He was a cheeky little monkey but such a fab pony for the children learning to ride. Rest in peace little man x

Molly : Despite having sent me to hospital twice, this horse will always be in my heart as one of my most favourite. Rest in peace little ginger man.

Lizzie : So sad to hear he was the first horse I ever rode at rangers and I always had such a good time riding him! He will be sorely missed, sweet dreams Marmie xx

Sally : I'm going to miss this little guy and his quirks. Such a great pony who taught me lots over the years! Xxx

Caroline : Love him! One of my absolute favourite moments was Marmalade being a complete sod to catch, only made better by me, muna and chloe being chased across the field.... xx