Colour/Breed: Bay Hanoverian X Cob

Height: 16hh

Date of Birth: 1996

Flora arrived on the 3rd of November, 2006. She really enjoys it here, and is becoming a fond partner of most of the riders. Like any beautiful mare, she tends to be a little flirty, and loves to tease the boys, though her heart truly lies with Aries. Flora, who has been with us for 8 years was put down on 8th January due to ongoing lameness caused by cartilage damage in her stifle. She had surgery for this quite a few years ago and we have managed to keep her sound and in work until recently.

She was a lovely mare and was a floozy with the boys!


Olivia " I Love Flora!! she was an amazing ride really going to miss her"

Saffron "RIP Flora - such a great character and a fab ride, she will be missed"

Bettina "Sweet dreams Flora. You will be sadly missed x"

Charlotte "She'll be snuggled up with Aries in horsey heaven "