Breed/Colour: Irish Draft X Chestnut Mare

Height: 16.2 hh

Cara joined HRA in November 2001.

Cara is very affectionate and loves people. Give her a bit of attention and she´┐Żll want a full rubdown next! She prefers to follow rather than lead and loves company. She is an intelligent horse and when she is alone in her stable she likes to spend the time looking out of her window, watching what is going on outside.

Put to sleep August 2016 Due to long term lameness problems which were no longer responsive to treatment/pain relief.

Cara - joined Rangers in Nov 2001 aged 5 years. She loved company...horses and people, she hated being left alone.

Date of Birth: 1996

She was a big mother figure to a lot of our horses when they first came to Rangers as she was always gentle and took them under her wing...far smarter than people realised, probably the smartest horse on the yard! She was a true red head, if you understood her and knew what buttons to press she was a sweetie. It was all about letting her think it was her idea! If she knew you were worried you were in for a challenge. Cara had a Love of would be a battle to get her out of the river as she enjoyed playing, even a puddle would do! Always a gentle kind mare to deal with in all aspects. She was with us for 15 years and was part of the furniture. She will be greatly missed

Kate : I remember taking Cara to bath and west and for most of the ride kind of standing in the middle while everyone did the ride around her! Haha! I have learned so much over the years from her, she was amazing xxx

Natasha : Very sad, big hugs for you all xx will miss the big ginge x

Molly : Cara taught me so much and there will always be a place in my heart for her

Melissa : Rip Cara I remember the day you came to hra xx

Camille : Very sad Cara gave pleasure to so many. RIP

Saffron : Very sad news, RIP. Cara you taught me how to ride (and stay on!) and I loved your cheeky and kind personality, a true ginger girlie who I will greatly miss, Greys wont be the same with you looking out the door or window! Love you and run free.

Lindsey : Oh no, I had fun memories of Cara and her rocking horse canter "Sit up!!!!" I remember hearing you all shout down the canters when she was feeling springy. It never stops hurting seeing all these memories taken from us. Soon my childhood ponies will all be gone forever!