Horse Rangers Badges and Badge Exam Preperation

Badge Exam Preparation

Welcome to the Badge Exam Preparation School.

On each page you will find information about the knowledge and skills you need to demonstrate to earn your badges. The section should help you get a sense for what your instructors and leaders expect of you, and will help you to advance in the world of horses. Study aids are also provided, such as a diagram of the parts of the horse and bridle, as well as useful tools that you may see on your exams. Good luck, and happy learning!

Horse Rangers Badges

Tenderfoot (Ponies/Senior)

This is the first badge of competence gained through experience in either the junior or senior section. For the junior (Ponies) tenderfoot, the children are tested on various basic aspects associated with horse management and riding. The senior tenderfoot is for those who are older than 10, and teaches a solid foundation of skills in equitation and stable management that they will later build on when studying for other badges.

Tenderfoot badge

Bronze Spur (Intermediate)

This is the second badge and builds on the experience and learning of the Tenderfoot. Achievement of the Bronze Spur badge is decided by a common standard, and riders are tested by instructors on basic and intermediate horse related skills, including a riding component.

Bronze Spur (Intermediate) Badge

Silver Spur

This measures continuous improvement, building on what was learned through the previous two badges. Testing by a board ensures a common standard

Silver Spur badge

Golden Spur

The Golden Spur is based on the Pony Club test and is the highest level attainable by Rangers. It is only open to those aged over 16. To achieve this standard requires an exceptional level of awareness and competence in equestrianism.

Golden Spur badge

First Aid

The First Aid badge is awarded to any member of the organisation who successfully completes a recognised course. This may be through an authorised body such as St John Ambulance or at one of the official courses organised at the Horse Rangers Association.

First Aid badge